Saturday, November 22, 2014

My TRAMPLING dream came true!!

A few years ago I stumbled upon one of Phil Tramplers videos and after watching only a few seconds I knew this was something I had to do. Finally my dream came true when I visited Paris last week. It was my best trampling experience ever!! Got trampled all over my body including head, hands etc. I've always admired Phil Trampler for his jumping so I was thrilled when he started jumping on me too - that was extremely hot!!! Also got Gut Punched - very hot too!!
We shot 5 videos which are all available here. The last two videos are private so you has to be in my G+ circle to watch. Contact me if you want to watch these two.
Click image to watch the videos.

Trampling & Jumping in Paris:
Trampling and Jumping in Paris

Awesome trampling session with a great deal of jumping.

Trampling Air Max in Paris:
Trampling Air Max in Paris 
More great trampling and jumping!

Trampling back "Doggy style" in Paris:
Trampling back doggy style in Paris 
First time I've been trampled this way - and it was surprisingly hot! Much better than lying flat on the floor on your stomach as your muscles are more tensed this way which means that you feels the trampling more intense.

Sneakers in Paris:
Sneakers worshipping - Private Video: Ask for access 
What can be better than worshipping sneakers that have been trampling and jumping on you ...

Trampling White Socks in Paris:
Sniffing, licking and trampling white socks - Private Video: Ask for access 
Sniffing, licking and trampled with white socks!

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It was a pretty rough session - compared to my level of trampling experience that is. And I'm very happy and grateful for all Phil Trampler did to me.

What's next?

More great trampling sessions and more videos of course ;) Looking for more trampling and sneakers friends to hook up width!
Can be active as trampler too, but in that case it has to be mutual, not just one way.


My next scheduled travel is Hamburg during new year so if there's any trampling/sneakers guys there interested in meeting - let me know!

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