Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rough Trampling

5 new Trampling Videos by Phil Trampler added to the Trampling Gallery.
All full weight trampling in sneakers - trampling guts, groin, chest and head - even with all weight on only one foot.
Haven't tried full weight on my head yet but I sure longing to try it after watching this video!

Sneakers Worship + Kicking & Trampling

Licking Sneakers is great but even better when the sneakers guy is sitting on your stomach as in this video!
Also great kicking and trampling in the end of the video.
More sneakers videos available in the Sneakers Gallery.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gut Punching with a hard fist

Love to watch hard and intense Gut Punching and to hear the sound of the fist hitting the guts hard and deep. One who knows how to do it hard and deep is Phil Trampler - 5 of his latest videos are added to the Gut Punching Gallery.
The first video shows a sexy guy getting a rough and intense punching - not only his guts but also his chest/nipples gets a rough treatment!

Used as doormat

New self pic: "Used as doormat"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Clamps Torture

5 video clips added to the Clamps Gallery: Self Torture with guys placing clamps on Cock, Balls and else where on their body – and guys getting tortured with clams and caning...
70 photos added to the Clamps Gallery.
Enjoy the pain ;-)

Hot Wax on Cock & Balls

Two very HOT videos added to the Wax Gallery:
Clip 1: Dripping hot wax on cock and balls as the guy moans in pleasure
Clip 2: Caning the guy as he enjoys the wax on his cock and balls
Also 35 HOT photos added to the Wax Gallery.