Friday, August 27, 2010

Deep unflexed Gut Punching

Most Gut Punching videos are with guys flexing their 6-packs which is great to watch - but here's something different: A guy receiving incredible deep punches in his soft unflexed belly. There is abosolutely no faking in these 6 video clips – real pain and awesome hot to watch!!
Also added 24 photos to the Gut Punching Gallery. One of the pics are with the same guy; Title of the photo is "Spine-tickler" and that is no exaggeration! Click her to watch the photo - I love this photo – wish I could take it this deep ;-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Intense Ball Crushing

7 new videos added to the CBT Gallery:
Very hot and intense ball crushing. Make shure to turn on the sound before watching the videos - very hot and sexy moaning ...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

X-treme Sounding

3 awesome and x-treme video clips added to the Sounding Gallery:
Clip 1: sounding with a 14 mm Hegar Sound
Clip 2: sounding with a regular knife!! (no blood). The knife goes all the way in. The most exciting part of this clip is to see the handle of the knife move and rotate inside the cock - AWESOME HOT!!
Clip 3: sounding with a finger - "only" the little finger though but I still would love the get my fingers inside that cock ;-)

Fisting Action

24 video clips added to the Raging Stallion Fisting Gallery
Fist Pack 25-27, Fist Hole and many more.
Muscular guys, large hands, deep and wide greasy holes and beautiful rosebuds.
Awesome to watch – and listen to the moaning...

More BDSM from Bound Gods

More from one of the hottest BDSM sites on the net: 96 video clips and 240 pics added to the Bound Gods Gallery
Lucky guy on the pic by the way ;-)

Action from Raging Stallion

15 new video clips added to the Raging Stallion Fetish Gallery
Lots of fucking. sucking, cum, sweat, spit ...

More Naked Kombat

16 new titles added to Naked Kombat Gallery gallery: 96 video clips and 240 pics.
Wrestling, sex, sweat and oil...

Code Yellow

New movie from Raging Stallion: Lots of hot piss dripping action with black and white hunks.