Sunday, June 19, 2011

Self Videos

Thought is was time to get some Self Videos for my site as videos now are more popular than picture galleries. So here's my first two videos:
Hot Wax 1: Using a whole candle on my cock and balls...
Ass Balls 1: Warming up with my ass balls...
More to come...

Friday, June 17, 2011

TT: Serious Self Torture

3 very hot Solo TT videos added to the Tit Torture Gallery:
Clip 1: BIG binder clips - First he places them on his tits, then he moves them to the tip of his nipples - and finally he tears the clamps off...
Clip 2: On Pins and Needles - First he places clamps on the tip of his nipples, then he pierces both nipples with needles - serious play and awesome hot to watch!
Clip 3: Triple pleasure - pegs on the tits, clamps on the tip of the nipples and a dildo up his ass - time to cum... Not as hard as the previous two clips.

Hard Nipple Play

New video gallery added: Tit Torture & Nipple Play
First three videos showing a gaged slave moaning form pain while having his nipples tortured.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brutal Tops: Dirtier than ever

3 new BrutalTops Galleries added: more dirt, piss, spit gob and drity ass licking that ever...

More Deep unflexed Gut Punching

2 new videos add to the Gut Punching Gallery.
- Standing and taking deep punches - awesome hot to watch and listen to..
- Lying down taking deep punches - very hot body...


Stumbled upon this 15 min video from Masternantes - a hot french Master with a handsome slave.
It's not very rough but pretty sexy. Masternantes drives into the woods with his slave in the trunk. In the first half of the video they play by the car, sucking, fucking and playing with a cool inflatable dildo. 2nd half take place in a dungeon where the slave gets spanked and kicked, forced to lick his masters sneakers and gets his ass expanded by the inflatable dildo.
You can finde more videos on Masternantes blog (in French).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brutal Kink

12 new sessions from Brutal Tops added to the Brutal Tops Gallery
including all the usual stuff: spanking, tt, cbt, pegs, sucking, cum eating, face sitting, rimming, piss, spit etc.
Session 43 even include full weight trampling - hope to see more of that ;-)
Also love to see the guy licking cleats in Session 32.