Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweaty Bodybuilder in a Sauna

1 new video clip added to the Sweat Gallery.
There are now 9 videos in this gallery but as sweat is one of my big turn ons I would love to have many more...
Please let me know if you know about any sweat videos.

CBT: Playing tug of war with their tied together balls

3 new clips added to the CBT Gallery.
In clip 1 two guys are playing tug of war with their tied together balls - awesome hot - anyone want to do this with me?

Hottest Self Sucker on the Planet!!

Found another clip with this awesome hot arab self sucker - now got two videos with him, 15 and 8 min.
Also found out who he is: He is Bitume, a model of Citebeur and there's a DVD with him: BITUME AND THE GANG plus some other hot video clips of him.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Bound Gods

16 new titles added to the Bound Gods Gallery.
With more than 150 titles they don't seem to run out of ideas and creativity - always a joy to watch their movies. Would be awesome to play with these guys too ;-)

More Naked Kombat

16 new titles added to Naked Kombat Gallery.
Muscular guys wrestling, sweating and always ending up having sex...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hot Wax

2 literally HOT videos added to Clamps & Wax Gallery.
A huge and beautiful cock gets covered with hot wax...

Sounding with 16 mm Heagar and Finger!

2 awesome hot videos added to the Sounding Gallery.
Clip 1: Sounding with 16 mm Heagar
Clip 2: Sounding with a Finger
Love to see this guy stretching his pisshole and to see the thick Heagar moving inside his cock...

More Spanking

3 new video clips added to the Spanking Gallery.
First clip showing a very handsome sub having his ass beaten and slapped - very sexy ;-)
Next two clips shows a guy having his ass whipped. Would love to see more marks on his body - but still looks and sounds sexy.
If you like to se the whip leaving marks on the body you'll find 15 video clips in this gallery with some very hard whipping - enjoy!

Heavy SM - 1h 15m

12 new scenes in the series "Training of slave Nicolas" added to the SM Gallery.
This is serious SM with a handsome slave being tortured: Spanking, CBT, TT, Needles etc.
He even faints in one of the scenes! So don't watch if you're not into heavy stuff...
If you are into heavy stuff there's one hour and 15 min for you to enjoy ;-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shotgun Video Update

No doubt that Shotgun Video makes the best CBT Vidoes!!!
Though the technical quality of both videos and images could be better, but the play is absolutely great - no faking or pretending – the pain is real and very intense.
21 new titles has been added to the Shotgun CBT Gallery.
Also made direct link the the 25 hottest video clips in the CBT Gallery.