Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CBT: Playing tug of war with their tied together balls

3 new clips added to the CBT Gallery.
In clip 1 two guys are playing tug of war with their tied together balls - awesome hot - anyone want to do this with me?


  1. love to play tug of war with are balls tied together,you pulling one way,me the other,till one of us end up with are balls exploding and popping out both testicles ...just as we shoot are last big cum load..my email is smith.star@rocketmail.com...love to talk about moor fantasy's

    1. I'd like to see 2 naked men with shaved cocks pressed together standing face to face with their cocks pointed up and flat against their stomachs and their balls tied together with one loop of rope. That is no extra rope between their balls. Also with their hands tied behind their backs.